Ben’s Tavern Area Redevelopment

The land acquired by the City for flood protection near the former Ben’s Tavern is an excellent location for an in-town campground and should be developed as such.

Current Circumstances & Opportunity

  • The area is approximately 37 Acres.
  • The location adjacent to downtown, Roosevelt Park Zoo, and ~3/4 mile to the ND State Fair grounds makes it ideally situated for travelers to Minot’s events and attractions.
  • The Roughrider Campground, the area’s only urban-adjacent campground, is ~5 miles to Minot’s central business district.
  • Redevelopment efficiencies could be realized with strategic reuse of existing City infrastructure and utilities.
  • Commerative area and naming would honor the areas former uses.

Comparing East Grand Forks & Red River Valley State Recreation Area

  • Approximately 110 Drive-Through and Walk-In Spaces.
  • ~47 Acres of greenway-adjacent land.
  • Directly Adjacet to East Grand Forks Central Business District.

Strategic Partners

  • Minot Park District
  • City of Minot