Anne Street Bridge

Minot’s footprint is dissected by both a meandering river and two Class I railroads. It’s a fact that makes walking where people want to go a challenge. Since 1908, the Anne Street Bridge has served as a vital piece of Minot’s pedestrian infrastructure. It addressed our community challenge by crossing all three (River and Railroads) at once and dropping people off into the heart of downtown.

But today, its future is in question. Years of disinvestment and neglect have left the bridge in need of a major overhaul. The Board of the Downtown Business & Professional Association has previously taken the position that the bridge should be preserved. We aim to see that future become clear with a renewed commitment to maintaining public access and a long future for the bridge.

Vital, Working Infrastructure Should Be Preserved

School Access Must Be Maintained

Historic Nature & Purpose

Walking Relieves Parking Demand

Disinvestment as a Path to Abandonment is Not Acceptable