Special Board Meeting – Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call To Order, Attendance, Agenda Review & Additions | Action Required

  2. Approve Minutes - December Regular Board Meeting | Action Required

  3. Bylaws Update Discussion | Action Required

    UPDATE: The link below is to a Google Doc with Bylaws revision comments and questions. A .docx attachment was also emailed to you for those who do not work in a Google environment. If you do work in Google, you have been granted the authority to add comments.


    The Draft Organizational Bylaws will be discussed.

  4. 2021 Events Discussion & Action | Action Required

    The 2021 event calendar will be discussed and considered for preliminary approval.

  5. 2021 Budget & Staffing | Action Required

    2021 Budget and tangentially related considerations such as staffing, seasonal decor, grant applications will be discussed and considered.

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