Membership Meeting Agenda — November 4, 2020

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order | Informational

  2. Financial Report - Treasurer | Action Required

  3. Holiday Season Activities & Marketing Strategy | Action Required

    • Shop & Celebrate – Our Global Focus & Content Strategy – Drive people into downtown!
    • Holiday Windows — We need to know if you’re going to participate. If you need an assist, let us know we’ll try to help folks pair up.
    • Small Business Saturday Specials & Friday Open House — Please be thinking about these, we want you to add them to the website. More on this below.
    • Advertising Focus
      • Print Focus
        • Awareness & Visitor Attraction
        • Engage with Downtown Website for latest opportunities
      • Social Media Focus
        • Engage with Content
        • Push visitors to Website
        • Identify Influencer List & Key Supporters
      • Website Strategy
        • Begin Key In-District Member Training/Engagement through our property –
        • Keep content dynamic and updated with latest happenings — this is member-driven!
        • List Development – For regular communication with our membership and core supporters.
  4. Website & Communication Update | Action Required

    • Goal: Take Control of our marketing channels to better support you and make us all less dependent on Social Media and forces outside of our control.
  5. Bylaws Update Announcement | Action Required

    The organizational bylaws are a barrier to efficient operation. It is the intent of the board to update the bylaws over the next months. As the draft updates are developed, they will be shared with the membership.

  6. Membership Discussion Items | Action Required