Board Meeting, November 10, 2021

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order & Attendence | Informational

  2. Past Minutes Approval | Action Required

    Minutes from the October 14th Meeting are not yet compiled. They will be distributed for virtual approval shortly.

  3. Give360 Grant Approval | Action Required

    The DBPA was contacted by Emily Huetle, Assistant City Engineer, with both a City concern and a proposed solution regarding street closures and downtown events. City staff are concerned that barriers used to close City Streets do not meet applicable standards. As such, she has researched and coordinated a grant application to the Give 360 program for purchasing 12 modular plastic barriers.

    The acquisition of the barriers will add to the professional presentation of events. It is important to note they will create logistics requirements during events and storage needs. It is believed that there is currently space to store these barriers, but with this addition, the storage area will be at capacity.

    If the board supports the application, I motion should be made to approve President Wilson, signing and submitting the application.

    NOTE: The application deadline was yesterday. If the board approves, this needs to be submitted by the end of the day.

  4. Letter of Support for Visit Minot's EDA Tourism Recovery Application | Action Required

    For many months, Visit Minot has been in protracted discussions regarding their current lease arrangement which provides them office space on the first floor of the welcome center at the Scandinavian Heritage Park. Visit Minot previously requested City of Support and matching funds necessary to secure an EDA grant that would provide for renovation of their currently occupied building.

    However, due to irreconcilable differences with other parties to the agreement, Visit Minot is now pursuing a downtown location and is revising its EDA grant per the new circumstances. A City Council endorsement of this action is requested on Monday.

    It should be noted the DBPA played a role in both the seeding and connections that have brought this opportunity into play.

    It is recommended that the DBPA Board approve drafting a letter of support for Visit Minot’s downtown relocation plans and have a representative(s) in attendance at Monday’s City Council meeting as a demonstration of support.

  5. Wine Walk Report | Action Required

    The DBPA hosted a Wine Walk on October 21, 2021. The evening included 16 wine-tasting stops at merchant locations primarily on Main Street. Food was provided by downtown restaurants and local caterers, an artist was commissioned to create limited-edition print for the event, musicians were hired to add atmosphere throughout the experience. Feedback indicates the event was successful both as a positive downtown experience, but also as a commerce generator. Limiting the number of stops and removing the incentive to race to every location created an atmosphere that was both more enjoyable for participants and better for business. We also heard positive comments from Public Safety officers during the evening.

    A current event account is provided in the files. It should be noted that we have several unpaid and couple not-yet-recieved invoices for the event. They are estimated in the report. Still pending completion is a complete event review with lessons learned and finalization of the event development template.

  6. Financial Report & Bills | Action Required

    Mr. Bentley & Ms. Ulrickson have been asked to bring latest financials to the meeting. Attached in the files is a spread sheet of current bills and obligations.

  7. Board Business & Discussion | Action Required

  8. Informational - Pints for a Purpose | Informational

    Pints for a Purpose is a month long program sponsored by the Blue Rider. For every pint of beer sold, a dollar is contributed to the beneficiary. This month The DBPA is the beneficiary. We’ve selected Atypical’s London Fog as our beer in collaboration with another local business and locally made product.

  9. Next Meeings | Action Required

    Next Board Meeting is Scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st.

    The annual Membership Meeting has been scheduled by the Events Committee for Thursday, January 20th at 6:30 pm.

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