Board Meeting, May 5, 2021

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call To Order, Attendance, Agenda Review & Additions | Informational

  2. Approval of Minutes | Action Required

  3. Financial Report | Action Required

  4. Ryan Ackerman - Board Resignation | Informational

    Please see the attached email from Ryan Ackerman resigning from the DBPA Board of Directors.

  5. Board Vacancy | Action Required

    The DBPA Bylaws are attached. Article V, Section 8. Vacancies is the guiding section. It reads:

    Section 8. Vacancies
    Whenever any vacancy occurs in the Board of Directors it shall be filled without undue delay by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors at a regular meeting. The Board Member appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve the remaining term of departing Board Member. Notwithstanding, the Board of Directors may, from time to time, adopt policies and specific methods to fill vacancies.

    Mr. Ackerman’s Director position was designated from the ‘Investor’ category; his term expires January of 2023.

    Recommendation: Provide input to the Interim Director on how to proceed in filling the vacant Director position. 

  6. Organizational Guidance & Discussion | Informational

    For Board discussion and potential approval. See documents attached to:

  7. Financial Practices Approval | Action Required

    It is requested that the board approve the following financial practices reforms:

    • The monthly financial report shall include the following:
      • Deposit Detail/Balances
      • Profit & Loss
      • Check Detail
      • Accounts Receivable
    • Adopt a policy allowing for transition to a single signor on DBPA checks. Eligible signors shall include the Board President, Vice President, and Treasurer.
    • Approve consolidating DBPA Membership checking account into the DBPA Association checking account.
    • Approve use of an phone or tablet with the Bremer Business mobile app for remote deposits.
  8. Interim Director's Report | Informational

    • Accounts Receivable & Membership Development
    • Thursday’ Downtown & June 3rd Wine Walk
    • Merchant Services/POS Account
    • Geocache Project
    • Gift Card Program
    • Our Towns screening at Arlene – Date, TBD
    • Anne Street Bridge – City Decision
    • City Permitting Challenge
    • Facade Program Update & Next Steps
    • Parking Report & Proposal
    • Pop-Up Retail Proposal
  9. Board of Director Business | Informational

  10. Next Meeting - Wednesday, June 2, 2:00 P.M. Virtual | Informational

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