Board Meeting – February 3, 2021

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call To Order, Attendance, Agenda Review & Additions | Informational

  2. Approval of Minutes | Action Required

  3. Financial Report - Treasurer | Action Required

  4. Review of Virtual Actions | Informational

    During the week of January 24-29, the DBPA Board took action to advance funding to Souris Basin Planning Council for the purposes of creating and hiring for a contract position tasked to the DBPA and administered by SBPC. An email transcript of the actions and job description is attached.

  5. Bylaws Approval | Action Required

    The bylaws have been updated according to the Board’s direction and are ready for final approval.

  6. Board Reorganization | Action Required

    Updated bylaws call for Board Reorganization around 3-year terms with designated representation required from the four standing categories: Retail, Food & Beverage, Property Owner/Developer, and Investor. The updated bylaws call for Board elections and designations to begin at the Annual Membership meeting which is to take place in January of each calendar year. Given that requirement, the following is offered for Board Positions and Terms. 

    Term Ends


    At-Large Director

    January 2022

    Retail/Margie Bolton
    Food & Beverage/Jeremy Mahaney

    At-Large/Sherri Mcglaughlin

    January 2023

    Investor/Ryan Ackerman

    At-Large/Jason Bentley
    At-Large/Lyndsay Ulrickson

    January 2024

    Property Owner/Chad Thompson

    At-Large/Rod Wilson
    At-Large/Aaron Thompson

    It is recommended that the board adopt or adjust as desired and approve the adjustments to Board positions and terms.

  7. Zoning & Planning Ordinance Update | Informational

    For the past two years, the City of Minot’s planning and zoning steering committee has been meeting to draft a new zoning and planning ordinance. That work is now complete and the ordinance has been recommended approval by the Committee. The ordinance is tracking for:

    1. Planning Commission approval in early March

    2. Second reading and adoption by City Council in early April

    Of most note:

    1. The Downtown District has been renamed to CBD (Central Business District)

    2. A ‘Use’ Table has been added to the document to make it more user friendly. It begins on page 10, and an organizational review is warranted.

    A draft of the ordinance can be found here:

    A few questions remain in which it may be appropriate for the DBPA to review and offer comment. A more complete review of those questions will be presented to the board in the coming days.

  8. 1st Quarter Invoicing | Informational

  9. Next Meeting - 2:00 pm, March 3, 2020 | Informational

  10. Farewell and Thanks to Jess Ackerman | Informational

  11. Upcoming City Projects & Advocacy Opportunities | Informational

    • Public Bathrooms
    • Parklet Pilot Program
  12. Adjournment | Action Required

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