Board Meeting, December 1, 2021

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order & Attendence | Action Required

  2. Approval of Minutes | Action Required

  3. Financial Report | Action Required

  4. Yiftee Gift Card Program | Action Required

    A Gift Card Program has been researched over the past year, but due to high start-up costs (often $10,000+) no program was brought forward. Recently, we learned about Yiftee. On initial research, it may allow us to quickly implement a universal gift-card program for our members. A preliminary conference call has been scheduled and more will be available at the time of the Board meeting, but if elements check out, it may be in the interest of the board to approve signing the gift card agreement and implementing the program ASAP. More about Yiftee can be found here:

    Yiftee Details

    • No cost to DBPA
      • Revenue Opportunities include Charging for the participation and featured merchant tools.
    • No Cost to Merchants beyond an additional Keyed In Credit Card Transaction fee (typically .5% higher than standard transaction rate)
      • Only requirement – Merchant be able to Key-In Credit Card transactions through their POS processing system.
    • We control merchants who participate
    • Additional Opportun(ities
      • Buy 1 Get 1 Promotions ( Buy $50, get $10 Free, Typically Corporate Sponsored in Some Form)
      • Corporate Gift Purchasing (Discounted Rates)
    • Cost is Direct Pass-Through to Purchaser
      • $1 + 5% ($50 Gift Card costs $$53.50)
    • Fulfillment is Via SMS, Email, or Printing.
    • Excellent Data & Reporting Tools.

    It is highly recommended that we launch this immediately! It will be an excellent membership incentive.

    Yet to complete:

    • Vendor Launch List (20-40 Initial Participating Vendors)
    • Initial launch Policy:
      • DBPA Member as of December 8 & Activated With Yiftee
      • In the Downtown District (Helps Incent Critical Downtown Businesses to Membership)
      • Close Enrollment for 60 Day Period
      • Time to Develop More Complete Participation Policy
        • I.E. – In Downtown – Free, Outside of Downtown (Pay Monthly Fee)
        • Who Can Participate? Possibilities Include Retail, Locally Owned, Non-Franchise, Food & Beverage
  5. Current Board Members, Officers, Categories, & Terms | Informational

    This information is provided per review as the Annual Membership Meeting is coming up on January 20th. Board elections will be conducted at that time.

    Rod Wilson, President (At-Large, 2024)
    The Northern Sentry

    Casey Klein, Vice President (At-Large, 2024)
    Cookies For You

    Jason Bentley, Treasurer (At-Large, 2023)
    Bremer Bank

    Sherry McGlaughlin, Secretary (At-Large) (2022)
    The Spot

    Chad Thompson (Property Owner, 2024)
    Norsk Brothers, LLC

    Margie Bolton (Retail, 2022)
    Margie’s Art Glass Studio & The Black Iguana

    Jeremy Mahaney (Food & Beverage, 2022)
    The Starving Rooster

    Lyndsay Ulrickson (At-Large, 2023)
    Souris Basin Planning Council

  6. Website Review & Launch Plan | Informational

    A printed packet will be provided to go through this and the remaining agenda items. 1 physical document remains to be created — 2021 Accomplishments.

  7. Member Packet, Rates, Categories, & Onboarding | Action Required

    A printed packet will be provided to go through this and the remaining agenda items.

    Items for specific discussion & considering:

    1. Revision of Bylaws to Allow In-Kind & Trade of Services & Goods in Exchange for Membership.
      1. Specific to Media Companies – Require a donation in exchange for membership.
      2. If Requested, Additional Bylaws Revisions Should be Considered:
        1. Gaming Language to include a description of the organization as a noncertified local development corporation.
        2. Breakout and Clarification of Standing Member Categories (Confusion over ‘Investor’)
    2. Consideration of Investor Tiers & Perks ( Document Will be Handed Out)
  8. Downtown Vision & Agenda | Action Required

    A walk-through of the actionable goals and improvements we’ve been working on and will begin communicating more clearly to membership via the website.

  9. Membership Development Plan & Priorities | Action Required

    An update on

  10. 25 Days of Gratitude | Informational

    A printed packet will be provided to go through this and the remaining agenda items.

  11. Board Member Business | Informational

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