The River Ran Through It


N 48° 14.339 W 101° 17.273

If you’re new to Minot or just visiting, you might not be aware of our long and complicated relationship with our river. It’s known locally as both the Souris River and the Mouse River and from this location, it may not look like much. But occasionally, this Mouse roars, and by that, we mean it floods. The floods of 1969 and more recently 2011 are the ones we remember, but previous generations of Minot have their own highwater stories.

And our reaction to the highwater has and is shaping Minot ways remarkable ways. So much so that where you’re standing at this location used to be the river. Following the 1969 flood, we reworked several sections of the river channel — basically straightening it — in an attempt to move water through town more quickly. As you walk back towards downtown along the road, take notice, you may even see the remnants of an old bridge. If you head SE along the river, it’s not long before you come across a past project monument, and if you head North along the path, you’ll soon see evidence of our latest flood protection efforts to keep the river out of our homes.

Image: The picture above shows the former path of the river in this location.