Live Music

SecoND BreakFEST

Saturday, August 28th — Sunday, August 29th
9:00 am
It started as a joke. We wanted to fest, but in a way that’s more reasonable for 30 year olds. And then, we started a bakery and we started joking around that our next fest was going to start in the morning so we could be done by 8 PM. Which gained momenteum and we started teasing that we’d cook breakfast and start the festing, we’d call it breakFEST. But there was another fest called breakFEST so we thought about other names and we joked about it just being called Second BreakFEST (a Lord of the Rings reference.. just nerdy enough to stick.) Then, we got a small Minot Area Council of the Arts grant to partially fund the idea. Join us as we make our joke fest a reality!
Performances will be held inside Prairie Sky Breads and in the alley behind PSB with an official breakfast to start breakFEST on Saturday morning- It will move all day- culminating on Sunday with a song or two and, of course, a second breakfast.
Inside PSB SAT:
9am- Danni Raccoon
10am- Veronica Rose
11am- Madisyn Roberts
12 pm- Nocturnal Blues Emission
1 pm- Natalie Fideler
Outside PSB in alley SAT:
2:20- Lindsey Band
3pm- Grand Lilac
4pm- Getting By
5pm- Vanity Plate
6pm- Home Invasion
7pm- Clutterpiles
8pm- Eli Kjelson
9pm- Body By Torture
SUN PSB Inside:
9am- HelloSpillovey
10am- Chloe Marie
11am- Bart Goop
12pm- It Was Her Idea
1pm- The Brothers

Prairie Sky Breads

A local, independent baking operation offering homestyle breads and baked goods to the Minot community since 2014.