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A New Way to Talk to You and Downtown!

It’s the great irony of the information age. We have more methods to communicate and speak, but it’s harder and harder to actually reach real people.

It’s a challenge we need to solve. We have important information about our place; it’s information you’ll be better off knowing; it’s information that will help Minot and downtown progress. But it’s worthless if we can’t get it to you. And we don’t have the resources to carry it door to door.

Plus, we know how often you all open our existing email methods. Trust us, we need a better way 🙂

So, here’s our solution. We’re bringing our downtown and member news back to our website — every time! It’s simple. When we have news, we’re going to publish it right here on our website. So, no more worrying about tracking down an old email!

Once we get it published, we’re going to tease it to you in a number of different ways so hopefully, it tracks you down somewhere.

  • Email: A couple days a week, you’ll get an automatically generated email from us with teasers to the recent news we publish here.
  • Facebook: We have three facebook channels we’re working with, but they’re all differentied slighly to different audiences and purposes. Please join and follow where appropriate; here’s the rundown.
    • The DBPA Facebook Page – this is the general information for members and the public. It’s powerful, but the FB algorithm means we can’t rely on it to reach all of you. Please follow us!
    • The DBPA Private Members Only Group. Like we said, for members only. Are you a member? Join here!
    • The Downtown Minot Private (but anyone can join) Happenings Group. It’s the place where we tease what’s happening! Join the group right now!
  • Twitter: Once again, we’ll push teasers to Twitter. If you’re active there, hopefully you’ll see a tweet. It will be your sign to head to our home page to catch the news.
  • Instagram: Damn it! Instagram keeps locks on automation, so you won’t find our news teasers here, but please follow us. We’re working on a few fun methods to keep this efficient and active; let us know if you’d like to be guest poster on our Instagram account sharing all the things you ‘Love’ about downtown.

And one more thing you’ll notice…

We’re putting up a member wall — on some of our news. Lots will remain totally public, but some of what we do we protect to provide value to our members who support our work. We’ve got a membership for every business and person, it’s the best way to show your support for Downtown and we’d love to have you! Check out our memberships here!

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