Membership Categories & Rates

DBPA BYLAWS, ARTICLE III. Section 2. Annual Dues & Standing Member Categories
The Board of Directors shall from time to time set the categories and rates of membership dues through resolution. For purposes of ensuring Board of Director representation of critical business sectors, standing membership categories shall include Retail Members, Food & Beverage Members, Property Owner/Developer Members, and Investor Members. In kind donations of goods and services shall not serve as membership dues.

2021 Membership Rate Resolution
Now, therefore, be it resolved that effective July 1st, 2021, we the DBPA Board of Directors enact the following membership category and rate structure, with the exception that all 2020 DBPA members shall be offered the prior membership rates through the end of 2021.

Non-Voting & Non-Board Eligible Membership Categories
● Individual & Family Membership ($75)
● Vendor Membership ($100)
● Reciprocal Membership (Gratis/Per Member)

Voting & Board-Eligible Membership Categories
Business Membership ($200)
● Food & Beverage*
● Retail*
● Property Owner*

Corporate Members ($500)
Investor Members* ($1,000+)
*indicates Bylaw-directed membership categories with standing Board of Director representation